Multidisciplinary projects of Petra Štefanková

Hello, I am a visual artist, multidisciplinary designer and illustrator based in Slovakia. In this section you will find a number of creative projects I created in collaboration with different people and companies internationally. If you are looking for a good all-rounder for creative services from graphic design, illustration, animation, to product design or fashion ideas, exhibitions and workshops, please get in touch.

An original leather book of 40 illustrated pages was created in collaboration with Michaela Slaninková, who made the book binding. I created drawings and acrylic paintings representing a female subject on a heavy structured Italian paper Fabriano, 40x62cm. This project was created during summer 2018 and has been sold to the US. You can watch a video here.

These are two fashion projects, where I used my original artworks for digital printing on textile. The green dress with my artwork The Fishmarket on it was created in collaboration with a fashion designer Mária Štraneková. The black and white drawing dress was done in collaboration with a dress-maker Helena Vinterová and my mother Aurélia Štefanková. I presented both dresses personally during my solo shows openings in Prague and Bratislava and they were also exhibited in a gallery in Třebíč.

Short animation 'Little pixies and colours' was created in 2020. I created the concept, illustrated and animated a poem for children written by my mother Aurélia Štefanková, who is also a narrator of the story. You can watch it here.

This woollen rug designed by myself was created in collaboration with a rug maker in St Albans in the United Kingdom.

A leather handbag was designed and created by Hajn, a company in Czech Republic. This is a limited edition of 2 with my drawing burned by laser into the leather on the front side of the bag.

Collaborative drawing workshop was held at József Szinnyei Library in Komárno and supported by the Royal Society of Arts in London as well as part of 7 days of Genius festival by the 92Y Organisation in New York. You can read a full article about it on the RSA web site.

Between 2009 and 2010 I ran an illustration agency called Animacia Creative Collective in London and I represented a number of Slovak and Czech illustrators in the international market. We collaborated with a Portuguese manager on publishing projects. These examples are books illustrated by Edit Sliacka and Lukas Hudec.

I have written a number of interviews with prominent personalities from all around the world for BOND magazine in London, namely choreographer Klaus Obermaier, biologist Rachel Armstrong, filmmaker Jonas Mekas, entrepreneur Larry Richard and others.

I starred in a documentary film Portrét umelca - Petra Štefanková. It was filmed by the director Anton Faraonov in collaboration with the dramaturgist Barbara Brathová for TV 213 in Slovakia. You can watch the full film here.

Dobrý trh in Bratislava is festival of creativity and I organised a workshop for children at McDonalds as part of this event in collaboration with Whatever Production PR company and Slovart publishing house.

During my solo exhibition 'Cinema from beneath a pillow' at the House of Art for Children, Bibiana, in Bratislava I prepared a colouring corner for kids, so they could interact with my drawings.

My solo show at the Prevention Centre of St Elisabeth Oncology Institute in Bratislava was done to support positivity in healthcare environment. You can read an article about it on the RSA web site.

I designed a number of elements for an animated title sequence of the Hollywood feature film Nanny McPhee Returns in collaboration with VooDooDog Animation in London. The project was awarded Silver World Medal by New York Film & TV Festival in 2011. You can watch full video on Vimeo.

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