New article for the Royal Society of Arts in London

I have written a new article for the Royal Society of Arts in London about my exhibition at St Elizabeth Oncology Institute in Bratislava. The theme is visual art in public space. I was thinking about the impact of the visual arts on the psychic of patients in hospitals, where I exhibited my art twice. In this context, it is interesting as well, that there is a lot of information about the health influence of the public art galleries and museums in the USA. You can read the full article here. Here are also two older articles I wrote for the RSA in London: 

Visual Communications and Global Issues, February 2019

Collaborative drawing in Slovakia, March 2018

Book in the library of Artium Museum

Did you know, that my profile and artworks were included in a book written by Steven Withrow and Jack Harris ’Vector Graphics and Illustration: A Master Class in Digital Image-making’ published in the UK by Rotovision in 2008? It was even translated to the Spanish language and published by Promopress in Barcelona in 2010. Moreover, it is now listed in the library catalogue of the famous Artium Museum in Spain! Direct link to the library catalogue entry here.

According to Wikipedia, the Artium Museum holds works by the most famous artists, including Joseph BeuysJake and Dinos ChapmanSalvador DalíJoan MiróPablo Picasso and others.

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